Tania, New Westminster, BC


I can proudly say that it’s been…4 months (I think?) since my last panic attack and i genuinely feel a lot lighter and happier these days. I’m not sure I ever really thanked you for teaching me how to deal with my anxiety, so: Thank You! It’s infinitely wonderful to be able to live and sleep without feeling suffocated and miserable, and even the times I do feel a little like that, I know it won’t last. It’s a precious skill you’ve given me and I’ll never forget it. . . Love,. . . Sonya, Surrey, BC


Last summer, I was going through a very tough time emotionally, felt sad and cried often. I felt in such a mess that it started to affect my sleep and digestive system, and later on I also started to experience some palpitations. I consulted with Julieta Criollo, a Clinical Herbalist and Doctor of Natural Medicine, and explained to her how I was feeling. She listened to me carefully, and put me on a herbal formula  (using herbs such as oats, St. John’s Wort, hawthorn, Rosemary), a Bach flower essence formula, and natural supplements. I am glad on the way she supported and cared for me. During the most difficult times, I was able to call her daily for emotional support, and to help me notice again the good things in my life. After 3–4 months I began to feel much better, and since the beginning of the year I feel free and happy again. . . VJ, Surrey BC


I am feeling so good today that it is my pleasure and joy to share my success story – I had been living for a while through really tough time and by last fall, I felt I had reached bottom, with no way out.  I felt my life dreams, goals, and enthusiasm had vanished, and I felt mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. I seek support and help with Julieta Criollo, a Clinical Herbalist and a Doctor of Natural Medicine. I live in Las Vegas and Julieta lives in Surrey , BC , so our consultations were performed by phone and/or online. She always listened to me with care and patience, and put me on a treatment that included herbal tincture formulas (containing herbs such as oats, skullcap, withania, rosemary, eleuthero), homeopathic remedies, and natural supplements to support the endocrine and nervous system, along with Bach flower essence formulas to promote emotional healing. As part of the emotional support, she called me daily for about 6 weeks to help me refocus on the good things in life. I feel like a new person today, joyful, with dreams and goals. My heart is full of gratitude to Julieta for her loving care and support. . . Mili, Las Vegas , USA .



I had been going thru an intensely stressful year and developed a digestion problem with severe pain in the lower abdomen. I went to see Julieta and she prepared a plan for me with diet and herbal tinctures which worked like magic making the pain subsided after 2 days. In another occasion, I was going thru a situation with my son which was causing a lot of anxiety on me; I could not sleep or eat and felt tense and worried, and it was starting to affect me physically — having headaches and trouble breathing like asthma.  Julieta did a visualization treatment with me, and I could not believe it with one treatment I felt so peaceful the headaches went away, I was able to sleep and basically I was back to normal.

When my daughter had a problem with acne she tried a few things Noxzema, cover girl, and other treatments we find in the pharmacy. I suggested trying herbal remedies; she did get a herbal tincture formula from Julieta and in a month or two her acne cleared up.

One day my son had a sore throat and again Julieta prepared honey syrup and a chest rub for him and the sore throat cleared over night. . .  Astrid, Vancouver, BC


Hi Julieta, . . .  I just want to say what a wonderful experience the Reiki treatment was with you!  You have such a lovely energy signature….very soothing….soft, wavy lengths & shimmers…..Reminds me of a quiet stream of water flowing over  green moss & cool, dark rocks, very refreshing & relaxing, very gentle.  Thank You for the experience!

The flexibility of my neck & shoulder have improved, not gone, but they are definitely not as stiff as before the Reiki.  Many thanks for the tips on pain management & the visualizations.  They will be put to good use. . . You are a beautiful healer & I am glad to have been lucky enough to have shared your light. . . Namaste.  Wishing You Peace, Empowerment and Prosperity on ALL Levels. . . Kindest Regards, Renata, BC