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Samatha meditation course — theory & practice

  • Samatha meditation — also known as Concentration or Tranquility meditation — focuses on how to concentrate the mind — an essential ingredient of any meditation practice. As one learns to focus the mind, and concentration deepens, the mind comes to a state of rest while remaining fully present & aware – over time, the practice nurtures tranquility, inner happiness, peace, wisdom,… at the same time reduces stress, nurture health & well-being.
  • The course main focus is the theory & practice of Samatha meditation; and also includes theory of Vipassana (but not its practice).
  • The course is not about Buddhism (or religion) — hence, it is suitable for people of different background or faiths
  • The course is suitable for beginner to advance meditators.
    To the beginner meditator – it offers a place where to begin the practice with the support of other meditators, while learning what meditation is all about (learning about our own mind), its benefits, its effects on the mind, the variety of experiences/phenomena that one may have through meditation, and much more.
    To the intermediate to the advance meditators — it offers information for what they may already be experiencing, what other experiences may occurs, a way to self-evaluate own progress, and more.

Some benefits of meditation:

  • Reduces stress, promotes relaxation & tranquility, and improves sleep.
  • Improves energy, endurance, memory and concentration, and promotes and restores health.
  • Strengthen and purifies the heart and mind, improves confidence, self-esteem, and joy in our life.
  • Develops courage and strength to face and overcome problems, challenges, or crisis.
  • Helps us overcome resentment, hatred, anger, fears, and/or break addiction or destructive habits.
  • Promotes and nurtures wisdom and deeper understanding of life and the fleeting nature of worldly conditions.
  • Nurtures inner joy and contentment in our life, and tolerance and compassion toward others.
  • and much, much more.