Herbal Dispensary Services

Our dispensary provide services to:

  • Our patients —  Julieta Criollo, DNM, CHT,  years of experience as a clinical herbalists allows her to formulate and compound/prepare custom herbal remedies to support the particular needs of her patients.
  • Other Herbal Therapists — provides a quality herbal dispensary where the herbal formulas, they have created for their patients, may be compounded/prepared with care, and send to their patients. For more information, please contact us

Our dispensary is equipped with quality organic or wild-crafted herbal ingredients; and is able to compound/prepared a variety of herbal products or remedies such as herbal liquid extracts/tinctures formulas, herbal teas, herbal capsules, herbal creams, herbal ointment/salves, herbal infused or massage oils, and more.